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Airport: Santiago de Chile SCL, 110km E. (70 Miles) E.
Taxi Santiago Airport - Cruise Terminal (Port of Valparaíso)
US$180; van for 1-4 persons US$210. Reserve in advance info@airportshuttle.cl

Departure and Arrival of Cruises  
- Port of Valparaiso
- Port of Puerto Montt
- Puerto Chacabuco
- Port of Arica
- Port of Punta Arenas
- Port of Buenos Aires (Terminal)
Transport Airport-Port  
- Public Transport + Taxi
- www.airportshuttle.cl

- www.tours.ec
- www.winetours.cl

- Where to Stay in Valparaíso
- Where to Stay in Viña del Mar
- Where to Stay in San Pedro de Atacama
- Where to Stay in Easter Island
- Where to Stay in Arica
- Where to Stay in Iquique
- Where to Stay in Ecuador
- Where to Stay in Santiago
- Where to Stay in Buenos Aires
(US$ black market rate here)


- Hotel Gervasoni
- Manoir Atkinson
- Somerscales
- Loft La Matriz

Viña del Mar

- Hotel del Mar
- Sheraton Miramar
- Hotel Gala
- Monterilla

- Marriott
- Sheraton *
- Ritz Carlton *
- Hyatt

* Hotels with bad cleaning results (specially Sheraton San Cristobal) in TV program of chilean TV Informe Especial.

- Valparaíso



General Information

Chile it is not a cheap country, if you really press for a extreme low cost you will get what you pay for, a bad service. The cost of living in Chile it is high, if you want a good service, you must to pay more. Furthermore, changes in both rates of exchange and fuel, affects directly the costs of services.

Last year the rate of exchange fluctuated between $420 a $550 chilean pesos per american dollar, that means that your price in dollars can be much higher even if in chilean pesos do not changes at all
. Normally foreign currency devaluates between november and march; to avoid any unexpected surprise we suggest to confirm and pay in advance the services.


- Wineries: Most of the wineries of Casablanca Valley are easily accessible from Ruta 68 (the main highway that connects Santiago with Valparaíso). From Santiago Veramonte; direction to Santiago Indomita and Viña Mar. More details about winetours in Chile in winetours.cl.

- Arriving two days in advance. If you like, you can stay in Santiago one night. We suggest the second night in the coast Valparaiso or Viña del Mar, never farther than 20 minutes from the Cruise Terminal.

If you board a cruise in Valparaiso must to first check-in your baggage.
Then check-in with your documents.

2010. This cruise passenger tried to to save US$30 in a trip to Santiago and fell inside this hole in the street, trying to get a taxi in a place were stopping is forbidden

2010. Friendly "porteños" contacted the chief of security of the Cruise Terminal, who went far outside of the terminal (and of his duty) to help. This passenger damaged his leg and needed to be interned at a hospital in Valparaiso, loosing his flight back home booked for later that day.

"Pirate" drivers parked far outside the Cruise Terminal transporting baggage by the middle of a main street. Better to contact your transportation in advance. On spot can be even expensier and/or unsafe.